We think this is very relevant and couldn't be simpler.

If your office has a real sweet tooth, you could try ditching the snacks for a week and donate all the money that you would have spent instead. You might find that by the end of the week, you may not want to begin snacking on unhealthy things again. 

When it comes to oral health snacking is incredibly harmful and the major cause of tooth decay, keep those snacks to mealtimes and save your teeth and waistline too.

What you need

  • A collection jar or tin to keep the money from the week without snacking.
  • A camera or smartphone and a social media account (Twitter or Facebook). This will allow you to share your progress with us and all your followers on how the week without snacks is going. 

Steps to organise your challenge

  • Define the rules of your skip the snack challenge, such as how long it will last, if certain people have specific vices put a rule in place to help them beat it.
  • Get a trustworthy person to act as the adjudicator and keep hold of the cash.
  • Print out the rules of the challenge and put them in an obvious and appropriate place such as the office kitchen.
  • At the end of your challenge tot up your total raised and send us your donation to help us bring better oral health to all.

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