National Smile Month

Between 16 May and 16 June 2022, the Oral Health Foundation will be raising awareness of important oral health issues with the theme

Everyone deserves a healthy smile

Join the nations biggest oral health campaign and help bring a smile to millions of people.

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Quiz night

See who the most clued up group is in your house with prizes for the winners, plus bragging rights of course.

Make it a movie, sports, TV, literature or general knowledge quiz. Or even make it oral health related, really put people's brains to the test.

What you need

  • A challenging set of quiz questions.
  • Prizes for the winners and even the losers.
  • A quiz-master and quiz teams.
  • A social media account (Twitter or Facebook). Use your reach on social media to get as many people involved as possible, you could even do this via Zoom or Skype. The more the merrier!

Steps to organise your quiz

  • Get some quiz teams together and set a theme for your quiz.
  • Decide on a quiz-master to run the quiz and a location to hold it.
  • Hold your quiz and have some fun, take some pictures and collect entry fees from teams as a charity donation.
  • Upload your photos on social media. Make sure you tag us in via @dentalhealthorg. Don’t forget to ask the permission of those taking part and remember to include an educational message alongside your post - e.g. Brush for two minutes, twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

Come dine with me

Inspired by the amazing TV program why not take advantage of departmental rivalry and ask each person to host a dinner.

Everyone who joins in can give a donation and rate the dinner out of 10.

At the end of the week, tally up the totals and announce the winner.

A great way to bond and you can even specify a theme to really spice things up. An oral friendly theme would be very apt, we think.

What you need

  • Teams of people prepared to competitively cook.
  • A winning recipe.
  • Something to cook on or warm pre-prepared food.
  • A camera or smartphone to take lots of pictures and share on social media. 
  • A scoring system.
  • A prize for the winning team.

How to run a come dine with me challenge

  • Organise volunteers into teams to take part in the cook-off.
  • Decide which team is going to cook when.
  • Prepare the scoring system, we quite like; taste, aesthetic, creativity and ambition. 
  • The hard part - tasting the food! Be fair and don't just mark someone down because they are in a different department. 
  • At the end of the week tally up the score and declare a winner.
  • Share your story with us via our website and social media so we can help you shout about it. 
  • Send your amazing fundraising efforts to us. 

Games night

A fun way to raise money and also get to know your friends and family a bit better too.

Bring out your favourite board game or even computer game and get everyone involved.

From experience we would advise avoiding Monopoly though. There's always one cheater!

There are even many oral health related games which you can use to theme your night.

Get everyone who takes part to give a small donation for each game played.

What you need

  • Games, games and more games - something everyone can take part in.
  • Willing gamers.
  • A place to hold your games night.
  • Prizes for winners.
  • A collection tin to help raise funds.

Steps to organise your games night

  • Let people know what you are doing and why through social media and word of mouth. 
  • Keep track of what games everyone is bringing so that there is something for everyone and no duplicates.
  • Decide on how much to charge people to play a game, it needs only be a small amount as it soon adds up.
  • Let us know what you are up to so we can help promote it and build more support, our community may even suggest some games you may not have thought of.
  • Hold your games night and have fun. 
  • Take lots of pictures and share them with our community on social media. 
  • Let us know what you have achieved so we can share it and send your raised funds to us to help us continue our work. 

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