A Smileathon is a wonderful and easy way to get people interested in their oral health and hygiene.

We’re sure by now that you’ve noticed our splendid Smileys dotting around this website. Maybe you’ve had them in previous years, or perhaps they’re still lingering around in your pen pots at work?

All you need for a Smileathon is a large group of people, a bunch of those Smileys and a camera. Anybody can take part and it only takes a matter of seconds.

Whether, you’re simply snapping yourself, a patient, colleague, pupils, family or friends…. even pets, a Smileathon is sure to put a smile on somebody’s face.

Smileathons are a really fun activity and there’s also an element of education too. On the back of our Smileys are our three key messages for great oral health – a fab tool to get us really thinking about the importance of the health of our mouth.

Your Smileathon can take place in one location over the course of a day, or many places over the entire campaign – it’s completely up to you! It’s all about taking as many photos using the Smileys as possible!

How many Smiley photos can you take in your Smileathon?

Show us your Smiley and share it with the world by posting it on Twitter and Facebook with #smileathon.

What you need

  • A camera or smartphone.

Steps to organise your Smileathon

  • Find out how many people would like to get involved in your Smileathon. It could be just yourself, your department or workplace, or the number of children in the class or school. Once you know, get a hold of the necessary amount of Smileys.
  • Decide what format your Smileathon will take. Will it be a mass photo including everyone, a series of smaller teams, or will you be taking individual photos? Will the Smileathons take place on one specific day, or over a number of days? How about one per day throughout the whole of National Smile Month?
  • Is your Smileathon a series of photos or selfies? You decide.
  • If you would like people to attend your Smileathon, then you can upload the details of your event on our website. Write about what your event is, where and when it is taking place and it will be listed on our events page for all our visitors to find. From there, they will be able to add it to their calendar, and if you are raising money as part of the event, supporters will even be able to donate to your event online.
  • Upload your photos on social media. Make sure you tag us in via @smilemonth and use #mysmileyselfie. Don’t forget to ask the permission of those taking part and remember to include an educational message alongside your post.
  • Finally…. tag and share with those people in the photos. Like, retweets and comment on the photos too – it will help them go viral and get National Smile Month messages far and wide.

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