Workshops involve dental practices and oral health educators popping into schools, care homes, community centres or workplaces to deliver oral health education.

Workshops work well because they encourage interactivity between the person giving the workshop, and those taking part in it. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that encourages questions and natural conversation – that way, all need-to-know questions are covered.

Get participants involved in activities and that require them to do something rather than sit and listen. Whether it’s arts and crafts for children making their own mouth models, or groups of office workers deciding which food have the most sugar in them, actively taking part in these activities ensures everybody learns something positive about their oral health.

Be sure to cater your workshop and messages to who you’re going to visit. Here are some of our ideas to get you started:


  • Brushing techniques.
  • Visiting the dentist.
  • Diet and sugar.
  • The role of our mouth and teeth.

The elderly

  • Denture cleaning.
  • Oral health for people with special needs.

Community centres

  • Oral hygiene routines.
  • Visiting the dentist.
  • Groups activities and support.
  • Dental care and routine for the whole family.

Offices and workplaces

  • Sugar and snacking.
  • Oral health products.
  • Lunch and learn.
  • Tobacco cessation and alcohol policies.

If you hosting a workshop and would like people to attend, then you can upload the details on our website.

Write about what your event is, where and when it is taking place and it will be listed on our events page, for all our visitors to find. From there, they will be able to add it into their calendars and if you are raising money as part of the event, supporters will even be able to donate to your event online.

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