Inspired by the amazing TV program why not take advantage of departmental rivalry and ask each team to host a lunch.

Everyone who joins in can give a donation and rate the lunch out of 10.

At the end of the week, tally up the totals and announce the winning team.

A great way to team build and you can even specify a theme to really spice things up. An oral friendly theme would be very apt we think.

What you need

  • Teams of people prepared to competitively cook.
  • A winning receipe.
  • Something to cook on or warm pre-prepared food.
  • A camera or smartphone to take lots of pictures and share on social media. 
  • A scoring system.
  • A prize for the winning team.

How to run a come dine with me challenge

  • Organise volunteers into teams to take part in the cook-off.
  • Decide which team is going to cook when.
  • Prepare the scoring system, we quite like; taste, aesthetic, creativity and ambition. 
  • The hard part - tasting the food! Be fair and don't just mark someone down because they are in a different department. 
  • At the end of the week tally up the score and declare a winner.
  • Share your story with us via our website and social media so we can help you shout about it. 
  • Send your amazing fundraising efforts to us. 

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