Warm up your vocal chords and take the team to a local karaoke night.

For every song someone sings get them to pay a small fee, sit back and ‘enjoy’ as they croon along to their favourite song.

Why not set an oral health theme and choose songs such as Smile by Nat King Cole!

What you need 

  • A karaoke bar or karaoke machine.
  • Willing singers.
  • A collection box or tin.

Steps to hold a karaoke event

  • Publicise your event throughout your workplace through posters, flyers, social media and internal email. 
  • Tell us about your event though our 'Create a fundraising event' page so we can help maximise your sponsorship and achieve your goal. It works just like any other fundraising site that you may have come across in the past. It will tell people all about what your doing and there's a form they can fill out to donate. 
  • Collect a small donations from everyone who sings a song.

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