Choose a big sporting or social event that everyone in the office enjoys watching and discussing, like the Grand National or Wimbledon.

Arrange a sweepstake where colleagues draw names from a hat before the event starts. Whoever has the winning name at the end of the event takes a portion of the winnings (or the prize you buy) and the rest of the money goes to charity.

What you need

  • An event to run the sweepstake on.
  • A hat to pick your choice out of. (Or anything that can hold the names!)
  • A collection box or tin to keep the donations in. 

Steps to organise your day

  • Publicise your event throughout your workplace through posters, flyers, social media and internal email. 
  • Choose your event you want to run the sweepstake on. 
  • Get everyone to take their pick with a small fee for each pick.

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